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To the Editor:

Sunday, Gail Kerr brought attention to the unsolved murder of my daughter, Marcia Trimble. (''Police don't want a repeat of unsolved '70's case.'')

Our nine-year-old daughter, Marcia, disappeared Feb. 25, 1975 , and was found 33 days later in a neighbor's garage. She had been strangled to death and sexually assaulted.

Search dogs were flown in to pick up her scent. Many volunteers joined police and rescue units in the search. A command headquarters was set up in our home. Policemen were there day and night.

News media camped in our front yard with their strong lighting ready to broadcast live at any given moment. We discovered that having policemen and news people surrounding our house gave us much comfort.

What did we know about dealing with all this? We did the best we could, as I believe the Tuders are doing under great stress and horrible circumstances. Dogs and men searched for Marcia just as they have for Tabitha. My prayer is for Tabitha's safe return and much peace for her family.

I think about the Tuders' family, knowing the sleepless nights, the fear that floods their souls, fear of what could be happening to Tabitha, trying to be positive and calm in the middle of chaos. Not knowing whether your child is dead or alive is a terrible thing.

My words for Debra and Bo Tuders are, ''Don't give up hope in finding your precious daughter. Her sweet face has captured many hearts, and Nashville stands with you.''

Virginia Trimble

Nashville 37212